Clergy Support Affordable Care

Health insurance, health care and wellness are within reach for millions through the Affordable Care Act, also known as Obamacare. Concerned Clergy for Choice recently led an educational webinar on the Affordable Care Act.


In the next few years, we expect tens of millions of Americans to be insured in the new health insurance Marketplace. Most of those currently uninsured, for any reason, will have new, more affordable health insurance options available to them, regardless of pre-existing conditions.

Along with Concerned Clergy for Choice, many religious groups have gone on record supporting this health care reform:

•       American Baptist Churches calls upon us to “enact a major program of health care reform which will extend health care coverage to every person in the United States.”

•       Central Conference of American Rabbis says, “We seek a national health care plan which grants universal access to health care benefits…”

•       The Disciples of Christ calls upon its members to “Work for the establishment of health care for all, regardless of the ability to pay”

•       “The Episcopal Church has stated on numerous occasions that all people should have access to quality affordable health care.”

•       The Presbyterian Church, USA believes all people deserve “an equitable, efficient and universally accessible health plan…” 

•       “The Unitarian Universalist Association of Congregations affirms the worth and dignity of every individual, and thus affirms access to quality healthcare as a basic human right. It is the responsibility of the public— through government—to meet this and other basic human needs in a just, equitable, and compassionate manner.”

•       “The United Church of Christ believes that the Affordable Care Act is a huge step in the right direction to providing much needed health care for millions who continue to live their lives without it and in fear that one catastrophic illness would plunge them into deep financial ruin. “

•       “The United Methodist Church is committed to health care for all in the United States…”

Millions of uninsured Americans will now have access to health care. What is more, Planned Parenthood will be there for so many as it has always been, to help with enrollment and for health care. Please ask your clergy to spread the good word through the pulpit, classroom, newsletters and the media: Access to health insurance is social justice.


Also, please continue to be in touch with Concerned Clergy for Choice for your clergy organizing. You can reach:

  • Rabbi Dennis S, Ross, director of Concerned Clergy for Choice at

Glenn Northern, PPFA constituency outreach manager at

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