Assembly Bills 375 and 405: Endangering Nevada’s Youth

11011620_10153166780830519_2657741922725310454_nWhat are Assembly Bill 375 and Assembly Bill 405?

Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood opposes AB 375 and AB 405 that are two bills that could negatively impact Nevada youths’ health and safety.

Assembly Bill 375: Transgender Bathroom Bullying

AB 375 would force transgender students to use restrooms of their biological sex. This bill encourages bullying and transphobia against students.

The bill states, “For any pupil who asserts at school a gender that is different than a pupil’s biological sex, the public school shall provide the best available accommodation that meets the need of the pupil, but such accommodation must not include access to a school restroom, locker room or shower designated for use by persons whose biological sex is different from the pupil’s biological sex.”

Gov. Sandoval said that AB 375 “potentially conflicts with his anti-bullying initiative.” Bullying should be taken seriously in our communities and everyone should have the right to be safe – including in restrooms. According to the National Coalition of Anti-Violence Programs, 78 percent of students in k-12 who self-identify as being transgender are victims of bullying and excessive harassment. Bills such as AB 375 encourage violence and transphobia in our own communities!

Gov. Sandoval isn’t the only one that has voiced dissent against AB 375. In a recent talk at the University of Nevada, Reno, actress Laverne Cox of the hit Netflix series Orange is the New Black was also vocal about her opposition to AB 375 and called it “horrible.”

Assembly Bill 405: Forced Parental Notification

It is important to have conversations about sex with adolescents for their health and safety; however, AB 405 may have dire consequences for youth who do not feel safe discussing sex or pregnancy with guardians. The Parental Notification Law could negatively affect women in a number of circumstances:

• Girls in abusive homes/environments
• Homeless women
• Victims of sex trafficking
• Teens from poor socio-economic backgrounds

The bill would also place a burden on doctors in Nevada. According to Speaker Hambrick AB 405 “would create significant costs to our judiciary and put a burden on Nevada doctors.” Any legislation that makes it more difficult for youth to get the medical attention they need should be opposed.

What can you do about it?

AB 375 and 405 are dangerous for Nevada youth. What can you do to fight this legislation trying to be passed in Nevada? Please contact your legislators and talk to them about why you oppose these two bills that are harmful to youth in Nevada!

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