AB 405 Forced Parental Notification Bill Heard; Now Is The Time To Speak Up!

Now is the time to speak out on AB 405!
Now is the time to speak out on AB 405!
AB 405 is the forced parental notification bill that Assemblyman Ira Hansen hijacked and forced to a last minute hearing on the assembly side last month. Yesterday it was heard in Senate Health & Human Services. To get a feeling for the hearing, check out the action on Twitter!

Feel strongly that legislators should pass bills to protect the most vulnerable young women in our state, not punish those who are already marginalized by society? Let your Senator know to vote no on AB 405! You can contact them directly via the state legislative website here. Or you can use our action alert here. And finally, you can register your opinion online survey.

Please take a moment to stand up for the young women who aren’t in loving families and those whose lives or health would be endangered by this misguided approach! Thank you!

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