Without Planned Parenthood Women Who Need Affordable Contraception Would Lose


“…A new analysis from the Guttmacher Institute proves that claim [“if affiliated clinics close or stop offering certain services, women can simply seek the same care elsewhere”] to be a fallacy. There are roughly 10,700 U.S. health centers that provide free or subsidized birth control, including Planned Parenthoods, hospitals, and federally qualified health centers (FQHCs), which offer comprehensive services through a significant proportion of public funding. Republicans are currently working to restrict funds from Title X, the federal government’s family-planning program now run by a birth-control skeptic, to FQHCs, only 60 percent of which currently offer contraceptive services to more than 10 women a year. These legislators want to prevent clinics that focus solely on reproductive health, and may provide abortion care or referrals, from getting such family-planning funding. Guttmacher reports that 85 percent of Planned Parenthood’s contraceptive patients—1.7 million people—live in counties that either have no FQHCs currently providing contraceptive care or have FQHCs that would have to at least double their patient load to take on the clients Planned Parenthood would leave behind if its affiliates shut down.”

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